10 Steps to Build Your Stature as an Influencer

Why is it important to build your influence online? Are you doing what it takes to ensure you have the right mix of knowledge about building your influence online? How can building your stature as an influencer online help your brand?
There is a direct connection between building a strong brand and being respected for the influence one has online. Often times, influence is understated, until one is confronted about the power that lies within. If you are selling a product or service, gaining influence is a major bonus. A big part of the consumer decision-making process is centered around the influence of others, and many of the influence comes from online resources: search engines, advertising, websites and blogs.
A guide of how to build your stature as an influencer is a very valuable resource. The one major take-away for me was - it doesn't happen overnight. It takes a focused and strategic effort to make it happen.

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