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Frequently Asked Questions

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My business objectives have changed, how do I know if my brand is keeping up?

If your brand message was central to your business objectives, then it might be a good time to conduct a brand review.

How can digital advertising help me increase my sales?

Digital advertising on social media or any other online medium like Google AdWords, can help you expand the brand experience to a target audience or a completely new market. The additional exposure will help to inform, inspire and drive more sales.

I’ve heard of SEO; how can it help me increase revenue?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can help you increase revenue by ensuring that potential customers can find you online during the moment of truth - when they are searching for a product or service and your website is returned as a result in the search engines.

What percentage of my overall budget should be dedicated to digital marketing?

A minimum of 5 - 10 % should be allocated to digital marketing budget.

I am using email marketing, but how do I know if it’s effective?

You will know if your email marketing initiatives are effective based on the campaign goals you set prior to executing your campaign. Those goals could be: The amount of open emails, How many clicks on specific links within your campaign, or how many times the campaign was shared with a new recipient.

I want to include social media in my marketing, but how do I know which platforms is a fit for me?

You should select the social media channel based on you target audiences. For example, if you are trying to reach business centric audiences , LinkedIn might be a good fit. If your marketing is focusing on a visual appeal, Instagram could be a good fit. Each social media channel provides an excellent user profile, of which you can use to overlay your audiences’ profiles.

How do I measure my website’s effectiveness?

The success of your website should be based on your business goals. They can include website visitors, visitor engagement, time spent on site, conversion rate, time spent on site.