10 Worst Instagram Offenses That Could Be Slowing Your Follower Growth

Another top 10 list of things to ensure that you are doing the right thing when posting on social media. Yes, there will always be another way, other options and improve tactics to get the most out of social media.
In this case, its Instagram - making the most of your posts. The use of Instagram as part of the marketing landscape as changed tremendously. TechCrunch reported that there are up to 700 million Instagram users per month; up from 1 million monthly users in 2010 That is a staggering increase in a very short span of time.
This kind of growth demands that markers stand up and take notice. Instagram is a platform that can deliver to your target audience. However, understanding what works, and what doesn't is pivotal to your success.
This article provides guidelines, and in some cases, real-case-scenarios that you can make a quick course correction. I did it, and it made a huge difference in the response rate.

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