21 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Are you struggling to get more Instagram Followers? Don't despair. Just review the following ideas and get ready to increase your Instagram followers.

Are you on Instagram?

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

If you are not on Instagram, then you are missing out on one of the best visual experiences in social media today. What's the nature of your business? Does it require visual representation? If it does, then it is very likely that Instagram is the platform for you.

Here are some facts about the state of Instagram today:

Having a strong Instagram presence is a powerful advantage. And one way to get that advantage is by growing your Instagram following.

There are currently over 8 million Instagram Business profiles and over a hundred million active Instagram users posting every day. Without the right strategy, it can almost feel like your Instagram post is just another needle in the haystack.

Let's count the ways to increase Instagram followers:

  1. Host a giveaway
  2. Execute a co-promotion
  3. Create and use branded hashtags
  4. Post consistently
  5. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA)
  6. Use your CTA effectively
  7. Leverage your User Generated Content
  8. Tag people you know
  9. Go Live on Instagram
  10. Host an Instagram Takeover
  11. Add a branded theme to your posts
  12. Incorporate relevant quotes
  13. Use an Analytical Tool
  14. Add influencers to your list
  15. Follow other brands or people
  16. Utilize the Instagram stories feature
  17. Add video to your Instagram posts
  18. Use effective Instagram ads
  19. Include Instagram on your website
  20. Create a name tag for events
  21. Leverage your other social media platforms to increase your Instagram followers

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