4 Easy Ways To Make Your Site More User-Friendly

Why a user-friendly website is important

When building a website, your primary goal should be to create a user-friendly website experience for your visitors.

The secondary goal is to make certain that your brand experience is in sync with creating an environment the educates, inform and make it easy for users to find the information without friction.

According to WP Engine, user-friendly is a phrase we use to describe well-made, impressionable websites. At its core, user-friendly is an all-encompassing phrase that declares features within a website easy to use. A website that is user-friendly is intuitive, leading the user on a journey that is absent of friction and requires very little thought from its visitors.

User-friendly website
User-Friendly Website

Here are the 4 easy ways to make your website user-friendly

  • Performance above all
  • Think hard about color
  • Reconsider white space
  • Call to action, emphasis on the action

The top-line details of the 4 ways to optimize your website

When you combine the 4 ways to make your website user-friendly, you are well on your way to ensuring an excellent visitor experience.

Performance: When it comes to your WordPress sites, think of performance and security as the cake and the user experience (UX) as the frosting; you certainly can have a frosting-less cake but frosting alone has no functional value.

About color: Never before have we been able to use such vibrant colors to convey our brand. Color and emotion go hand-in-hand. When we use color strategically, users start to associate feelings with our website and logo.

White space: Don’t be fooled—white space isn’t actually white. This common misconception is what keeps many people from designing clean, sleek sites. White space is any area of design free from images, text, or decoration. Its function is to add clarity, organization, and legibility.

Call to action: The call to action buttons on your site should be so enticing that your audience can’t help but click. 

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