4 Marketing Strategies to Make Consumers Love Your Brand

4 Marketing Strategies to connect your brand to your consumers 

  1. Engage
    1. Give your users a reason to interact with your content 
  2. Create content for 1 person 
    1. Write as though you are speaking directly to the reader
  3. Surprise and Delight 
    1. Generate content that will surprise your consumers and increase their interest in the content
  4. Stay consistent
    1. Remember, once consumers are engaged, they expect to get more information and have additional online experiences 

These strategies are basic, but they are often forgotten when we are building effective strategies. One of the reasons we create content is to connect with potential consumers. The question is, are we making a difference? Are we connecting our message with the right target audience? The answers to these questions reside in the detailed information about each strategy - see them here

Engage and Stay Consistent with your consumers 

Engagement Marketing remains the core function of what we do online. Identifying potential consumers, creating content that will engage with them, and inspire them to take an action. These actions occur on multiple platforms, social media, blog posts, email marketing, and video presentations. The key element that makes engagement marketing effective, is relevance as demonstrated in this article 

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