5 Creative Ways Big Brands are Using Twitter to Connect to Their Audiences

How to creating a Twitter strategy 

Do you need a strategy for social media? Do you need a separate strategy for Twitter. Well, it depends on who you ask. There should be an overall digital marketing strategy that encompasses social media. However, if you are only focusing on Twitter, then a specific strategy is very important. According to Twitter Business, here are 5 best practices you can use as a guide to help with creating a Twitter strategy:

  1. Keep the Tweet short
  2. Use visuals in your Tweets
  3. Incorporate relevant hashtags
  4. Ask questions and run polls 
  5. Curate and connect with Retweets and replies  

Explore the detailed steps to make each of the 5 best practices a reality here.One of the ways in which you can improve your Twitter strategy is to monitor, follow and learn from how some of the big brands execute their social media strategy. The purpose is not to copy what they do, but to learn from some of the executable initiatives they deploy. creating a twitter strategy

Here are 5 big brands to monitor

  1. Target - 
  2. Apple 
  3. Lift 
  4. Starbucks 
  5. Forrester 

Each of these brand are doing something that helps to keep them at the top of the heap. They are connecting with their audiences and doing so in a creative and engaging way. They make good use of their bio section, photos, videos and hashtags. They also create Twitter handles for each of their specific products, so that they can keep the focus on the main thing, as it relates to the product differentiation. Check out the uniqueness of each brand and examine how they each use specific aspects of a strategy to drive customer engagement.     

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