5 Proven Ways to Build Your Email List

Email Marketing Plays a Pivotal Role in Marketing 

A successful marketing plan includes a well thought out approach to email marketing communications. Some of the critical aspects of email marketing include: excellent design, effective subject line, and relevant copy/messageAt the backdrop of the conversations about personal privacy, email marketing has sustained a critical role in digital marketing. We can give credit to the Email Marketing Providers (EMP), who have championed the technology, and provided best practices around protecting consumer personal data and information.  EMP has helped to bring email marketing into the mainstream of digital marketing. Most of these companies provide complimentary packages for small businesses and nonprofits. A really good way to test drive this medium and include this supporting tactic to your overall marketing strategy. 

The landscape of email marketing providers are continually evolving 

Some of the EMP in the marketplace include: Constant Contact & MailChimp, along with many others. They provide very robust solutions to meet needs, both large and small, with a great degree of scalability. 

Here are the 5 proven ways to build your email marketing database:

  1. Website/blog is the best place to take your first step
  2. Use the power of content upgrade 
  3. Put a signup button on your Facebook Page
  4. Hosting a Webinar 
  5.  Run a Facebook contest 

Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective marketing tactics. It is also one of the many tactics that can be easily measured and quantified. 

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