7 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Business Results

Pinterest for business on the move


Social Media sites are not all created equally, Pinterest drive results, but requires a cohesive strategy to help take advantage of all of what the social media platform provides for businesses.

"Pinterest is a powerful social platform that should not be overlooked. Their user base is constantly growing and businesses (especially e-commerce) see great ROI through Pinterest."

Pinterest Drives Results

"As Pinterest says on their business page: "People come to Pinterest looking for ideas to discover, save and do. Your Pins help people understand what your brand stands for and how it can fit into their lives."

"It's reported that nearly fifty percent of users on the platform have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin and almost 70% say they have discovered a new brand or product through pins."

"Check out the infographic created by Pinterest below to learn move about the benefits of using Pinterest in your social media strategy."

Pinterest Drives Results

Explore the 7 Ways to use Pinterest in an infographics

Couple the powerful strategies for Pinterest in this Infographics and the 5 ways to use Pinterest to Boost your brand. Check out the options here.

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