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18 Digital Strategy Tips To Consider for 2018 

As we settle into 2018 and start to think about what we will do differently, it is critical to look back at 2017 and determine what worked and what didn't. Did you keep track of those new initiatives you launched last year? What worked? What didn't? How will you kick off 2018 and what are your new or revised strategies to continue to increase sales and revenue? I am strong believer in not throwing out my old plans and starting from scratch, but rather optimizing those elements that really delivered. Finding more creative ways to be more efficient and productive. This year is going to more challenging that last year, mainly because we will have access to new and improved technologies, which will undoubtedly challenge us to deliver optimal results to all of our clients. I stumbled upon this list of 18 digital strategy tips that will likely be quite helpful in delivering something new, but fascinating, and results oriented. At the top of the list is more automation, especially around email marketing. So, take a few minutes and explore some of the things that we should all keep a keen eye on moving forward. See all the strategies below: 18 Digital Strategies to Consider for 2018

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