Facebook Finally Launches Instagram Scheduling Through Creator Studio

This is a great feature to help small businesses manage their Instagram posts. The Facebook Creator Studio combines Facebook and Instagram in one interface. Making it increasingly easier to schedule posts. This is especially helpful if you are managing multiple accounts.

Later.com explained exactly how the IG scheduling process works. To use the feature, you’ll need to have an Instagram Business account that is linked to a Facebook page. From there, simply click on the Instagram icon at the top of the Creator Studio dashboard and you are given an interface for managing, posting, and scheduling all of your Instagram and IGTV posts.

I found this video that does a really good job walking you through the set-up process. Often times YouTube videos can be very tedious, but this is an excellent and thorough review. See the video below:

A few things to remember when considering using a scheduling program:

  • Create a strategy

  • Don’t rely solely on your scheduling service

  • Be very cognizant of topical issues and ensure your scheduled posts are in line with what’s currently happening in the marketplace - don’t get caught off guard with situations that might appear to be insensitive to what happening at the moment

You will find that bringing these activities under one platform will help to keep you organized and focused on your key business objectives. See the article details here.

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