Facebook Statistics that Every Marketer Should Know in 2019

According to social media today, over 2.3 billion active users, Facebook has grown to become the biggest connective platform in history, and an essential part of many people's on and offline lives. 

The influence of Facebook is inarguable - in fact, Facebook is so big that it's believed by some to have influenced the election of many world leaders through targeted ads and intricate campaigning. Whether you believe that or not will come down to your perspective, but no matter how you look at it, Facebook is a critical media platform, and one of the most significant tools of our time. 

Facebook statistics in 2019

How do you determine which metrics to use

Facebook provides a variety of metrics you can use to determine campaign success. When setting up a campaign, you choose the key business objective, and use the objective to measure the success of the campaign.

This article provides some guidance with respect to which Facebook statistics in 2019 will help you make a sound decision for measuring your campaign's success.

Facebook Infographics

This Facebook infographics provides a very detail overview of some of the powerful elements Facebook provides for marketers. Here are the broad strokes:

  • History Timeline
  • Demographics
  • Facebook Account Activity
  • Economics
  • Top Facebook Pages
  • Top Political Leaders
  • Top Sports Teams
  • Top Brands
  • Top Emojis
  • Top Competitors
  • Marketing Statistics
  • Best Time To Post
  • Cyberbullying
  • Facebook Big Purchases

Do you understand what Facebook knows about you?

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