Love In The Inbox: Americans Are Tied To Email

It was good to get this article in my inbox today. I had to share the good news. Email Marketing is not dead! Rather, its doing extremely well. Consumers are still very much engaged with their email inbox. They are checking email messages, responding to email messages, and expecting more promotional-centric messages. This is good mews for marketers, especially those who are looking to manage a shrining budget, reach new customers, stay in touch with current customers and build sustainable relationships.The email marketing channel is still one of the most cost effective marketing channels around. In addition, there are a number of email software providers who are offering complimentary solutions for small businesses. It's a good time to be a small business; take advantage of the various digital marketing solutions with little or no start-up costs. I firmly believe that email marketing is here to stay. It will remain a strong and vibrant tool to help small businesses expand their businesses and build sustainable relationships with their customers. Get all the details, statistics and success stories here. 

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