How to Research Keywords for Social Media Marketing

The role Keywords play in social media marketing 

Building a strong keywords list is paramount to a successful social media strategy. In addition to knowing when to make a post, what to post, and which hashtags to use, you also need to include keywords that will help provide the reach and effectiveness. 

Explore the following social media keyword research tools 

  • Google Analytics 
  • Serpstat
  • BuzzSumo 
  • Keyhole 

Native Social Media Tool

You won't be surprise to learn that in addition to the suggested social media keyword research tools, there is the good ole reliable - native search. You can use the internal search feature of each social media platform: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Naturally, this is more time consuming, but it is certainly a good option to build a social media keyword list. You can also find hashtags that are trending and determine which one is getting the most response. Take a deeper dive into each of the native social media tools and get more insight regarding what works and why.   

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