SEO For a New Website

Search Engine Optimization Driving Website Traffic 

For those who are still sorting out the meaning of SEO, see below:
Search Engine Optimization. It's the engine that drives the website as it relates to getting qualified traffic. Getting people to visit your site when searching for a product or service in a very competitive landscape.
There are still a great deal of unknowns about SEO, but there is a lot of information available today, unlike years ago. However, with an abundance of information, there is the challenge of figuring out pros and cons. Who provides the most valuable and easy to implement solutions? Which voice should you listen to?
Make no mistake, SEO is a moving target, best practices are being modified everyday. Google drives a great deal of the change, that generally impacts the implementation of SEO tactics. Social Media has had a huge impact as well.
Yoast is a popular service that provides techniques and guidelines to implement best practices as it relates to SEO implementation. Key issues like the use of external links, meta data descriptions, titles and keyword planning. All areas that are critical to optimal SEO implementation.

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