Social Media Design: 11 Principles to Improve Your Social Media Images

Social Media Design Principles can help support your key business objectives. As is usually the case, the more you understand what works, the better you can improve your strategy.

Keep in mind that social media design is the beginning, definitely not the end of what is required to have a successful social media marketing plan. Here are a few tips to help you figure out the marketing aspects of social media.

Following are the 11 Principles you can use to improve your social media images:

Design Principles

  • Color
  • Balance
  • Lines
  • Typography
  • Constrast
  • Scale
  • Proximity
  • Hierarchy
  • Repetition
  • Direction
  • Space

Design Image Infographic

Creating a social media strategy is pivotal to the implementation success. Crafting the Who, Why, When, Where and How helps you stay focus on what's important, and provide a good customer-centric approach. Following the social media design principles should be used as guide.

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