Social Media Image Sizes

Social media has exploded over the past few years, and has taken communications to a whole new height. Facebook and Youtube have over a billion daily users worldwide, which is stunning!
As such, the mix of people with differing skills are using these sites and learning on the go. For the most part, these sites are relatively easy to set-up and use, and when in doubt, most people run to Google to ask questions, and get instructions.
More importantly, most people use at minimum 2 - 3 social media sites. These sites make good use of photos and videos, and the size specifications for photos can vary from one social media platform to the next.
I stumbled across this article and thought to share it. It pulls together some of the most used sites and provide the required image sizes in one place. It's very easy to save and bookmark the link for future use - so whenever you need to determine an image size, all of the information is only a click away.

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