A Technical SEO Audit Checklist for Your Website

A Technical Audit Guide for Your Website 

A simple guide to audit your website, ensuring that SEO best practices are implemented. Why? It helps in your search rankings, but more importantly, it makes it easier for people to find you on the web.The technical SEO audit is the first step, and should be taken seriously. The audit goes beyond just keywords and keyword Phrases. It take a deep dive into some very technical issues that can prevent your site from being searchable and hence an effective marketing tool. Here is a link to review a few of the technical SEO tools that can be used to help in your audit efforts. 

Ten key areas to complete a technical audit:

  • Ensure your web pages can be indexed
  • Secure your website 
  • Check your meta data
  • Audit your link profile 
  • Optimize site speed
  • Ditch duplicate content 
  • Remove low value pages
  • Create useful links 
  • Optimize for mobile 
  • Master the basics 

Each of the ten steps above include a robust summary and details, along with tools that can be used to ensure your website is SEO-ready. The Infographic details the steps and provide clear-cut information about which tools to use, and how to complete a technical SEO audit. 

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