The Ultimate Blog SEO Checklist

What’s a blog?

According to WPBeginner, a blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appear first). Blog content is often referred to as entries or “blog posts”.

Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style. However, now there are tons of corporate blogs that produce a lot of informational and thought-leadership style content.

There is no doubt that creating a single blog or adding one to your existing website is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or improving your website ranking in the search engines. It also serves to provide valuable information about topical issues. A blog also helps a website to maintain a consistent and fresh flow of content, which is immensely helpful to your overall search results.


SEO Checklist

Now that we know the definition of a blog, let’s explore some benefits of SEO and a blog. This checklist acts as a guide to ensure the bases are covered.

  • Are You Targeting the Right Keywords?

  • Are You Doing Any Keyword Optimization Within Your Content?

  • Are You Optimizing for Supporting Keywords?

  • Are You Optimizing Keywords in Content Effectively?

  • Does Word Count Have Any Consideration on Your Blog?

  • Is Code Compatible With the Current Doctype?

  • Does the Site Have a Fast Page Speed on Both Desktop & Mobile?

  • Is the Blog Cross-Browser & Cross-Platform Friendly?

  • Does the Blog Take Advantage of Plug-ins to Optimize Images or Speed up the Cache, & Video As Well?

  • Are Page Titles Optimized?

  • Are Meta Descriptions Optimized?

  • Does the Site Optimize Images Properly?

  • Does the Site Optimize Images Properly?

  • Did You Set up Google Analytics?

  • Are There Any Other Tracking Tools?

  • Did You Make Sure That Your Secure Certificate Was Ordered Correctly?

Let the expert help

If you are just starting out and want to make sure that you are following best practices as it relates to setting up your blog, I highly recommend that you work with an expert to help ensure that you put the important steps in place during the critical stage of implementing your blog. The steps are just the beginning, and in no way the end.

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