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We've seen a real growth in users and marketing options for Instagram since it was purchased by Facebook. Instagram is not just a place to post photos, it is growing into a real e-commerce platform, where marketers can generate real revenue. The top Instagram updates will become the change marketers can fully utilized. Instagram UpdatesAccording to a recent article in Vanity Fair, Instagram has made great strides towards E-Commerce. Here is what was said about the challenges regarding Instagram. "Before this year, it wasn’t easy to sell something on Instagram. Of course, that didn’t stop people from trying: app developers and retailers both created a number of clever work-arounds, such as allowing customers to buy products featured on the platform by liking or commenting below posts.But Instagram never made it easy. There was no way, for example, to include a hyperlink in captions, making it hard to connect potential customers with an outside Web site. Instead, many retailers (and other Instagram users) were forced to rely on the one allotted space where a clickable U.R.L. is allowed: inside the bio on their profile. Still, there was no formalized way for companies to make money on Instagram, even when they could on Instagram’s parent company, Facebook". See the article hereHere are some of the top Instagram updates over the past few months:

  • Instagram Releases & Tests New Shopping Options
  • Expanded Security Settings
  • More Information Available for Users
  • Instagram Verified Badge Is Here
  • New Superzoom Effects for Stories
  • Polls Added to Direct Messages

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