10 Free Google Tools All Content Marketers Should Use

Marketing continues to evolve. As a result, marketers are consistently faced with new and creative ways to execute strategies. Do we have the right tools to manage content? Do we have access to the right tools? The answer is yes. The level and accessibility to free tools for marketers has grown exponentially.
This article previews 10 of the free tools content marketers can use to help improve, or make their jobs a lot easier. These tools cross all areas of expertise in marketing - from SEO to social media marketing.
Content Marketing is now one of the most critical areas of marketing. Harnessing the information and making it actionable is one of the single most challenging aspects for Content Marketers today.
Well, thanks to Google, we now have free and available tools to help us cut through the cluster of information, streamline content and use it effectively to accomplish the daily tasks.

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