What Social Media Marketers Get Wrong About SEO: The 4 Biggest Mistakes

What does Search Engine Optimization or SEO have to do with Social Media Marketing? It turns out that they work in tandem. As a matter of fact, very often marketers make a myriad of mistakes when they try to execute a social media strategy that does not include the combination of SEO and social media.
Social Media is about connecting with your users, or potential customers, and sharing information. Its about making a connection, and building a relationship. It is also about building trust.
SEO is about ensuring that your content gets seen, and shared in an effective way. Bridging these two very important elements can help you to meet and exceed your goals. In essence, one does not work as effectively without the other.
Explore some of the mistakes made by social media marketers, and avoid making the same mistakes. Improve your SEO rankings and make certain your content gets seen across a very wide spectrum.

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