12 Instagram Marketing Tips

Fuel Your Instagram Strategy 

Instagram continues to be the visual social media platform ready to help you advance your business goals and key business objectives. Fuel your Instagram strategy with key analytics. 

"More than 25 million businesses use the platform to capture attention, incite interest, create desire, and compel action. With so much competition, a thoughtful, proven strategy is necessary for success."

A business Instagram account will provide additional benefits, which will include insights and analysis of your visitors. Understanding these metrics will help you to fine-tune and fuel your instagram social media strategy. 

Here are some of the demographics that can fuel your instagram strategy:

Fuel your instagram

Fuel your instagram strategy  

While Instagram continues to provide a high level support to market and create cohesive strategy support, there are a few things to keep in mind. Instagram has made a huge impact and most were unexpected. See the details here:

12 Tips to help create a cohesive instagram strategy

  1. Optimize your bio
  2. Chose the right profile photo
  3. Establish your brand's look on Instagram
  4. Have clearly define goals
  5. Create compelling content
  6. Master the little know features and hacks
  7. Partner with relevant influencers
  8. Write great captions
  9. Choose hashtags wisely
  10. Get on the Explore tab
  11. Target the right audience with ads
  12. Track your performance with Instagram analytics

Explore each of the 12 steps in more detail here

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