Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) - Game Changer

The new Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is simply awesome.
I have a sense guilt, as I share this bit of information, but it is just what the digital doctor ordered, and I feel compel to share this amazing discovery.
With just a little bit of information at hand, you can build a beautifully designed website in under an hour. I know, it sounds unbelievable, but it's true. I opened my Wix account a few days ago, after moving on to try a few other website software solutions, and discovered this miracle worker.
It is easy to use - it walks you through the building process seamlessly. It's important to say, that you should have a basic understanding about the function of website development, but you certainly do not need to be a trained expert. If you are curious and patient, then you are on your way to a major love-fest!

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