15 Alarming Twitter Stats

Here is why people unfollow you on Twitter

Before we outlined the reason why people would unfollow on Twitter, given the importance of being on Twitter in the first place, let's ask the simple question: Do you have a social media strategy? If the answer is no, I suggest that you stop posting and create a cohesive social media strategy right away. These Twitter stats will change your mind.A social media strategy should include your business goals and key business objectives, therefore the Twitter stats should be an important read. Explore This article, which outlines the very best approach to creating a winning strategy.  

Here are the top 5 Twitter stats why people unfollow:

  1. 52% – Tweeting too often

  2. 48% – Too much self-promotion

  3. 47% – Posting too much spam

  4. 43% – Not interesting enough

  5. 29% – Too much repetition

Some of the other things that can hamper your success are:

  • Too much automation

  • Offensive/unprofessional

  • Begging tweets

  • Not enough tweets or too quiet

  • Crimes against grammar

So, if you have a social media strategy, you are less likely to offend, and therefore create enemies, such as people who will unfollow you because you violated so many of the things yo should not do on Twitter.  

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