How to Write The Perfect Instagram Bio

Creating the perfect business bio 

Instagram is a visual social media platform, so creating a business bio should be visually motivating. How do you write a business bio that is the perfect fit for Instagram? You should start by understanding the Instagram audience - they are looking for a creative experience, so keep this fact top-of-mind. 

Instagram continues to grow it's active monthly users

Celebrities, sports athletes, millennials and others, all live their lives out-loud on Instagram. The experience is generally built around visual stories, as seen through their eyes. This is why writing the perfect bio could help boost your followers. 

Some of the things to consider for a perfect business bio 

  • The clear value proposition 
  • Have fun with your audience
  • Show personality with emojis 
  • Showcase new promotional offers 
  • Incorporate the right hashtags 
  • Create a strong call-to-action
  • Provide important company information 
  • Include social proof  

What makes a perfect business bio? 

You can start by telling your audience what to expect, based on your profile. Be real about your story telling. Go for authenticity. Finally, do not forget to lead them back to your website for a full connection with your brand.  

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