20 SEO Myths of 2018

Twenty SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most dynamic digital marketing tactics.The changes are constant, and for very good reason. People who own, manages, develop and design websites have all searched for the secret sauce and have found themselves in a quandary. There is no secret sauce. SEO is and always will be about good content, relevant content, content that speaks to the subject matter at hand - a product, service, or simply your message. I felt completely vindicated a few days ago...in my inbox landed a White Paper that said, here are 20 SEO myths we should leave behind. The article went into fine details about why these myths existed and why they were perpetuated for such a long time. 

Here you go - 20 Myths to leave behind 

  1. I must submit my site to Google 
  2. More links are better than more content 
  3. Having a secure (HTTPS encrypted) site is isn't important for SEO
  4. SEO is all about ranking 
  5. Meta descriptions have a huge impact on search rankings
  6. Pops-up will hurt my ranking in search 
  7. Keyword optimization is the KEY to SEO
  8. Keywords need to be an exact match 
  9. The H-1 is the most important on-page element
  10. My homepage needs a lot of content 
  11. The more pages I have, the better
  12. Good user experience is an added bonus, not a requirement
  13. Local SEO doesn't matter anymore 
  14. Google will never know if I have bad sites linking to me
  15. Images doesn't require any optimization
  16. Featured Snippets only matter if you're Wikipedia 
  17. I don't need a mobile optimization strategy 
  18. SEO is something that I can hand off to IT
  19. The age of my domain name will help me rank
  20. Google holds grudges 

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