The Top Digital Video Ad Question of 2018

Should You Swipe or Leave When You See a Video Ad

WoW! I am very glad that this email landed in my inbox. What should we do to make certain that we are leveraging videos online, and specifically, as a part of our social media strategies? What are the pros and cons? What works? What doesn't ? These are all the burning questions we struggle with each day.Finally, someone did the work for us. Or, should I say, someone is helping us to avoid disaster. 

Here are some of the Don'ts

  1. Don't recycle
  2. Don't get stuck 
  3. Don't fret over technical difficulties 
  4. Don't ignore your customers 
  5. Don't fall in love with vanity numbers 
  6. Don't go to the extremes

Have you ever found yourself in one or many of the "don'ts" above? Well, don't be dismayed, take heed and avoid the situation so many others have fallen into. Oh! These don'ts come with some guidance and additional instructions - see them here.  

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