3 Companies Every Social Media Copywriter Can Learn From

Creating Great Social Media Content 

The proverbial question regarding social media is - how difficult is it to make a post? Well, social media is less about the post, and more about creating engaging content that will connect with your followers, stay true to your brand voice and experience, and support your overall objective. First and foremost, one must establish a social media strategy. One that answers the question about why should your brand be represented on social media platforms. The easy answer is - to get more customers, leads or sales. Once you've determine the objective, then you need to figure out how to make it happen. 7 Step Social Media Marketing  Strategy can help you get started. Since the wheel is already created, there is no need to recreate a wheel. Instead you can take a look at what's being done and figure out how best to present your ideas. Simply copying some else's ideas is not the way to go. Rather look at what they are doing as a guide, and then build a plan for content creation that is based on your business goals and objectives. Become inspired. Seek motivation. Tap into your personal creativity. 

Explore these companies for ideas and motivation

As a recommendation, here are 3 companies you can examine for ideas and motivation:

  1. Ben & Jerry's 
  2. Tesco Mobile 
  3. Charmin 

What are they doing that is exceptional? 

Ben & Jerrys let their fun personality shine through, by posting more pictures that convey fun and excitement. Here is a look at what works for themTesco Mobile focuses on ensuring that the conversation is key. Here is a look at what their instagram posts conveyFinally, here is a peak under the hood of Charmin - they are working on making you laugh. This is how they make it work on InstagramSo, by taking a look at three different companies, you can begin to see the distinctions, the approach, the level of creativity, and how what they do, speaks to the brand voice and experience. 

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