4 Elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy

Creating a strong social media strategy

When creating a social media strategy, one should consider a few basic steps. These items help to keep you focused on what's important, and what will make a difference regarding the success of your campaign. It also helps to minimize the tactical option, so that you can focus on a strategic plan.  The steps include answering the following WFOB: 

  • What
  • Why
  • Frequency
  • Objective
  • Message Type 

Check out the following resource for more information on how to create a social media strategy

Here are 4 elements to consider when creating your social media advertising strategy:

  1. Community Growth - target growth of social followers
  2. Engagement - promoted content to a specific audience 
  3. Website Clicks - targeted and meaningful traffic generation 
  4. Retargeting - serve ads to people who have visited your site, engage with content, or via email 

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