4 Ways To Get Your Instagram Stories to the Top of your Followers Newsfeed

Here is how to get your Instagram stories to the top of your followers newsfeed:

  1. Use quality over quantity and post when necessary 
  2. Don't post more than 4 - 6 times daily 
  3. Include hashtags and locations
  4. Include live-streaming occasionally 

As you will notice from the list above, simplicity is still a good option, especially as it relates to social media postings. Following these 4 suggested steps will help to improve your visibility and branding exposure. Each of the 4 ways noted above are detailed here

Instagram continues to grow its users 

Instagram is continuing to grow its users. As of September 2017, Instagram posted 800 million monthly active users, compared with 600 million active users in December 2016. These numbers are expected to grow over the next few months. Instagram is a visual platform, with a high degree of flexibility to tell stories using your photos. It is astounding to see the growth in just a few years - Instagram monthly active users grew from 400 million to 800 million in just 2 years.Make sure that Instagram is an integrated part of your social media strategy, and use the 4 ways above to maximize your exposure and relevance. 

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