5 Bad Habits Marketers Should Drop in 2019

Words to be guided by

Some bad habits could be due to group think or just simply being stubborn about what you know worked the last time, and the lack of willingness to make changes as warranted.

One would argue that change is a good thing, especially when it relates to marketing, and specifically digital marketing. Change is the one constant factor, and should be reviewed and optimized on a consistent basis.

Here are the 5 Bad Habits in Marketing

  • Getting bogged down by data
  • Having too many or too few CTAs
  • Posting erratically on social media
  • Mass emailing random people
  • Not adding to the marketing toolbox

bad habits in marketing

For the most part, we have heard the cries of these 5 bad habits in marketing, and in some cases, we've attempted to change direction. However, it's easier to continue doing what you believe, whether it works or not. It is critically important to have an optimization plan - review, adjust and analyze.

According to Social Media Today, Habits are hard to break - especially the bad ones. In marketing, bad habits manifest in a number of different ways, but five of them, in particular, can cost hours of productivity, not to mention lost opportunities, if they become part of the pattern of a marketer’s daily routine.

Audit your marketing team’s practices against this list of bad habits. If you’re doing any of them, replace them with more effective, efficient practices, and start strong in the New Year.  

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