5 Reasons to use Google Photos on your iPhone

Our day is filled with images of everything from photos of food, to photos of our dogs. How can we protect these special memories? How can we store these memories and get access whenever we need them? How can we minimize the cost of storage, or find other alternative solutions? What's the easiest way to share photos?
Apple's iCloud is certainly a good option if you own an iPhone. However, If you have an iPhone and want a second option, Google Photos is a viable option.
Google is consistently building and providing multiple options to gain more users. Google Photos is one such feature that has made tremendous improvements over the past few years. Recently, Google launched a series of updates to Google Photos and made it a game changer - especially as it relates to storing and sharing photos; removing the concern about storage capacity.
Do you need more storage for your photos? Check out Google photos and see if the recent changes meet your needs.

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