A 5-Step Plan to Measure Social Media ROI

There is great value in measuring your efforts

In most cases, the end result for success is the way you start the process. In the case of social media ROI, you have to start with a cohesive strategy, which will guide you through setting up a framework worthy of analyzing. Determining your return on investment, has to be in-sync with what you anticipated will happen at the end. Social Media provides a good platform to build relationships with potential customers/buyers. So,  making use of this medium is contingent on the effort you place on the successful outcome. Also, a few important things to remember when crafting a strategy and analyzing your results for social media is:

  • The platform is free
  • Think about the platform as a way to network
  • Focus less on selling and more on creating an opportunity

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The 5-step plan includes:

  1. Identify your key performance indicators 
  2. Build your social media strategy with your business objectives in mind 
  3. Leverage Google Analytics and Social Pixels 
  4. Build a reporting Dashboard 
  5. Remember the contradiction 

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