5 Ways to Use the Instagram Nametag Tool

Gain more followers for your brand or business 

Instagram Nametag tool can help you to increase your followers in a way that makes the process easy to capture new followers and include them in your brand awareness campaign. 

What is a Nametag Tool? 

Instagram Nametag Tool

Instagram Nametag Tool

"An Instagram Nametag is basically like a QR code - it's an image which other users can scan (from within the Instagram app) and instantly follow that person or profile".Instagram started out being an App that was singularly focused on taking every action directly within the App. So much as changed over the past few years, which includes this new functionality - Nametag tool. 

5 Ways to use your Instagram Nametag Tool to increase your followers

  1. Networking Events

  2. During Conferences & Corporate Events

  3. Included in Print

  4. A part of your Email Marketing Campaign

  5. Physical Locations

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