Acronyms for Social Media Marketer

Marketing Jargon

Are you new to marketing? Do you struggle with marketing acronyms? Well, take a look the the following marketing acronyms, which can help elevate your knowledge game.

  • SMM - Social Media Marketing

  • KPI - Key Performance Indicators

  • ROI - Return On Investment

  • CTR - Click-Through Rate

  • CTA - Call To Action

  • PPC - Pay Per Click

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • USG - User Generated Content

Explore the definition for each acronym here

Challenges with Marketing Jargon

There are pros and cons to using marketing jargon. Marketing jargon can be very useful when you are working with your colleagues/or marketing teams, which can demonstrate knowledge and skill, but it could be quite frustrating when you assume everyone else are equally informed. For example, when communicating with a client, it might be helpful to use jargon, but only after you have educated them about the acronyms, and they express a sense of comfort or familiarity. Otherwise, it is wise to speak as plainly as possible about your marketing initiatives or programs without the fog of acronyms .

Benefits of Acronyms

Acronyms can be a time saver when working with colleagues or vendors, simply because it can save time and also signal that you have a good grasp on the digital marketing knowledge landscape.

If you are a marketing pro, it is expected that you would be familiar with marketing and business acronyms, such as BR - Bounce Rate, CMO - Chief Marketing Officer or CAN-SPAM - Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing, just to name a few.

HubSpot Marketing posted this article that lays out 75 acronyms and abbreviations that you will find interesting and helpful in your marketing career, or as a business pro. You will be surprised how often these are used in everyday business conversations.

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