6 Rules for Crafting Email Content That Connects

Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective digital marketing channels. However, maximizing this channel is still under-rated. It is not about sending an email. It's about building a sustainable relationship with a recipient. Whether that is promote a product, generate sales, or increase revenue, it's all about the recipient. In order to make this channel work hard for you, you have to always keep the purpose top-of-mind. How can I help you? How can I make a difference? How can I ensure that you have the best experience? This approach helps in the creation of relevant content. Creating content is vitally critical to email marketing. Telling a story using engaging content -  photos, video and descriptive words is what its all about. Make it relevant. Make it interesting. Make it personal. Email marketing continues to find ways to remain relevant.  Explore the 6 Rules to Craft Email Content That Connects

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