7 Unexpected Ways Instagram Has Changed the World

Instagram continues to make waves 

Instagram is changing the world one post at a time. It's important to keep in mind that there are pros and cons that work as a guide. For example, you can control who follow you and make changes to your privacy settings. The most important message when using a social media platform, is to take some time to understand the best practices of each platform, since each one will provide a different set of tools to get the best results. Explore the pros and cons here.Instagram changing the world

Here are the 7 ways Instagram is changing the word 

  1. Diversified beauty standards
  2. It's changed the way we travel 
  3. Turned flat lays into a phenomenon
  4. Sparked new food trends
  5. Created entire social brands
  6. Mobilized Activism
  7. Created a new breed of influencer

Get the details of each of the 7 ways instagram is changing the world here"And with users now spending 53 minutes per day, on average, in the photo-sharing app, its impact on our day to day lives has been significant - and I don’t just mean the amount of people who refuse to take a bite of their meal until they’ve taken the perfect #brunchgoals picture.""Instagram has created sub-genres, businesses and careers, and has disrupted whole industries. In this post, we'll look at seven ways that Instagram has influenced modern behaviors, which is worth considering in your marketing and outreach process." 

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