6 SEO Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Ahead in 2018

6 SEO Tips to Help Small Businesses in 2018

Here are  a few common facts about Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • SEO is complex
  • SEO guidelines changes constantly
  • SEO can be an expensive endeavor
  • SEO, if done well, can have positive search results
  • SEO, when done poorly can hurt your search rankings
  • SEO remains a relevant part of the content strategy
  • SEO is about relevant content

Google remains the authority on SEO. If you stay in touch with the Best Practices regarding the SEO implementation, the chances are you will avoid being removed from Google search rankings, and impeding your SEO efforts.  As a small business owner, I stay focus on creating relevant content for my clients and potential clients. I generally start with ensuring that they have a full understanding of what content is, and why its important for their business, and customers.There are no easy fixes for getting good or excellent rankings in search results. It all starts with understanding the customers' need, and making certain that the information provided, will help them accomplish their tasks, find a product or a service.  I stumbled upon this article about SEO tips during my research. It was timely, relevant, and a good reminder of the importance of the role SEO plays in helping small businesses to make good decisions around SEO implementation. The article included video snippets form Google experts and Google Webmaster. SEO Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Ahead in 2018 and beyond   

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