7 Ways Social Media Listening Can Help

Use Social Media Listening to help grow your business 

What is social media listening? Social Media listening is the art of learning more about what people are saying about your business, understanding the competition, and using a tool to gather this information and take specific actions. 

Social Media can help you accomplish several key objectives:

  • Improve customer service
  • Make a better product 
  • Find new clients 
  • Market your products through industry influencers 
  • Learn more about your clients 
  • Create targeted, high converting ads
  • Keep an eye on your competition

Social Media Listening Tools 

Social Media listening tools allow you to easily accomplish the key objectives in a more efficient way. All social media listening tools are not created equal, so one would have to test drive a few, before you settle on the one that best fits your business needs. Here a list of 5 social media listening tools you can explore

Here are a few key objectives you can use to improve your social media listening skills

  1. Monitor your competitors brand name, product names and handle
  2. Gather industry buzzwords
  3. Determine the effectiveness of your hashtags and those of your competitors 


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