The Single Biggest Email Mistake You Can Make

How to avoid email mistakes 

Biggest email mistakes can have major consequences on your business, and personal interactions. In some cases, people rely on email communications far too much. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure the right balance of email usage. How about considering these 12 common email mistakes:

  1. Forgetting to use a greeting or closing 
  2. Being too formal 
  3. Becoming too formal too quickly 
  4. Say "To Who It May Concern"
  5. Forgetting to change the subject line
  6. Hitting "reply all" 
  7. Not paying attention to details
  8. Including too many personal details 
  9. Not monitoring your tone
  10. Asking questions that have already been answered 
  11. Saying something over email that should be done face-to-face
  12. Using emojis or abbreviations 

biggest email mistakes

According to the LinkedIn CEO, Most likely you see this mistake on a daily basis: emails intended to simplify but end up overcomplicating matters, emails that become accusatory in nature, emails that take jabs at the recipient or others. 
The thing is, as the world becomes increasingly smaller (and more and more teams work remotely), email and messaging apps will continue to be the communication tool of choice for many. The fact is these tools can save time and give you more control--when used effectively.
But when you make the mistakes outlined above, things can get out of control very quickly--requiring much more time spent on damage control.
So, when should you use email, and when should you call or meet in person?

If you're finding that question difficult to answer, follow these three steps:

  • Write your email and save it as a draft 
  • Revisit the draft later 
  • Re-read the email, keeping your audience in mind 


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