9 Easy Steps To Use Google Adwords Editor

Google Adwords Editor

I found the 9 easy steps to use Google Adwords Editor to be a really good reminder when building Google Adwords campaigns. Technology is constantly changing; most software companies are consistently upgrading their systems, and trying to find new and creative ways to keep us engaged. Google is no exception. As a matter of fact, I received an email from Google regarding the Beta version of Google Search Console, which used to be called Google's Webmaster - see, changes are consistent. I digress...Google Adwords Editor is also changing and getting a lot easier to navigate and get things done in a methodical way.  I used the Google Adwords Editor quite often and the changes actually are making it easier to get my advertising tasks accomplished without much delay. In this article, the author takes you through the 9 steps and provide great context along the way. The one surprising item was the ability to edit my Google Adwords campaigns offline - yes, a needed feature for those days when the Internet is just not meeting my speed expectations. 

How to Use the Google Adwords Editor

Review those 9 steps here and see if you can pick up something useful.   

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