Apple launches a new site to help you take better photos with your iPhone 7

Can the iPhone really be a substitute for a DSLR camera? This question was consistently ask after each launch of a new iPhone. I believe that the answer is unequivocally, yes.
I'm an early adopter of the iPhone, and have used both the iPhone and the Canon DSLR camera on casual shoots. It was difficult to determine which photos were taken by the iPhone or the DSLR camera without looking at the meta data. The photos were incredibly crisp and sharp.
The iPhone camera continues to get better with each release. Many would argue that Apple didn't do enough to promote the full potential of its camera, and provide the level of support to fully take advantage of the amazing features. Well, that has all changed.
Apple launched a website to provide users with step-by-step guidelines to capitalize on all of the amazing shooting features. This move by Apple, takes the iPhone and the camera to new heights - no doubt. I must admit, that I very rarely pull out my DSLR camera to shoot and have not done so in many months. The iPhone 7 camera packs a punch!

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