How You Can Use Nostalgia to Enrich your Design

When I hear the words nostalgia and design, throw back Thursdays come to mind. Something that is popular on Facebook. Looking back and reminiscing about the past, with an eye on the future.
The use of nostalgia and design can create very effective advertising campaigns. There is a certain degree of psychology that plays into how consumers make decisions around selecting a vacation destination, or deciding on a product or service.
Canva is onethe most popular online design tools for those who do not have design skills or professional training, but find themselves having to design campaigns for social media or other design projects.
My twitter feed is consistently on blast about the awesomeness, and user-friendly templates that makes designing with Canva easy and effective. This article takes you through the entire journey of the pros of the Canva tool and how nostalgia can enhance your design projects.

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