How to Get on the First Page of Google

43 SEO Dos and Don'ts to Get on the First Page of Google 

Getting on the first page of Google remains a topic of discussion, but more importantly, a must-do task. It's a good goal to set, but not necessarily the only goal when it comes to ranking in overall Google search. So often, mistakes are made due to carelessness, or willful decisions. Getting on the first page of Google can be a challenge in so many ways, that people often do whatever it takes to get there. Making this kind of decision generally comes with consequences. This Infographic lays out the Dos and Don'ts when working to meet your lofty goals of getting on the first page of Google. Here are some things to stop working on, and a few things to focus on during your decision-making process:

Things to stop working on

  1. Putting a list of keywords in the page title instead of making it descriptive or using your brand name
  2. Jamming keywords in the Meta Description instead of making it a call-to-action
  3. Using meta keywords 

Things to focus on 

  1. SEO friendly website architecture 
  2. Use descriptive titles that consider branding and share-ability
  3. Use a call-to-action in your meta description with little of no focus on keywords   

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