The History of Social Media

An Infographic detailing the history of social media 

In our everyday conversations, we talk about social media as though it started just a few years ago. Not so fast, forms of social media has been around since 1844. One would say, well it's not the same as, say Instagram or Facebook. Well, it has certainly changed, but the basic tenet is the same. Sharing information across a platform as a way of being socially conscientious. 

Here is the official definition: 

"Social media is a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn't allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content". As defined by The Balance Small BusinessI was pleasantly surprised to find several different interpretations of the definition of social media, however, the basic understanding was quite uniformed. So, let's get back to looking at the long arch of social media historically. It started back in 1844 with the following:

The Infographic History Timeline

  • A telegraph being sent to Washington, DC - 1844
  • Advance Research Projects Agency Network (ARPAN) connection Universities on a pro-internet - 1969
  • Start of Social Sites - 19997 
  • Creativity and status blogs - 1999
  • Friendster - 2002
  • Link up with business - 2003
  • Google created its on email service & Facebook begins - 2004
  •  The birth of YouTube - 2005
  • MySpace was booming - 2006
  • Twitter - 2010
  • The launch of Snapchat - 2011 
  • Short videos - 2013
  • Virtual Reality...2018 

The infographic goes into more detail for each ensuing year and provide the contextual background of social media on the move between 1844 and 2018 - fascinating

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