12 Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2018

Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2018

As a small business owner, it is difficult to run your business with limited resources, and still stay on top of the changing landscape of technology, social media and digital marketing trends.Don't sweat the small stuff. Stop. Create a content strategy that will help you stay organized, and focused without becoming overwhelmed. 

Here a few ideas to help you with a content strategy:

  • Who you're creating it for
  • The problem it's going to solve for that audience
  • How it will be unique
  • The formats you'll focus on
  • The channels where it will be published
  • How you will schedule and manage creation and publication

See the full article here for more details.

Also, check out the 12 Digital Marketing ideas you can implement for your business. Here are a few to get you interested:

  • Local Search Marketing 
  • Optimize your website for humans and search engines
  • Engage in link building 
  • See all the others here

Remember, it's the basic things that one should focus on initially. Make those work, then consider adding other aspects to your digital marketing plan. Take it one digital step at a time. Avoid trying to do too much, or not doing anything at all.  

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