How Does the Social Media Algorithm Updates Impact Small Businesses

Do you know what impact social media algorithm updates will have on small businesses

Most changes in social media marketing is very likely to have a grave impact on small businesses. Why is this important? It's important because small businesses rely on social media networks to help stretch their marketing budgets, drive more traffic to their websites and increase their brand awareness. What can small businesses do when algorithms change in the social media space? What are the options? What impact will it have on their marketing efforts?  Small businesses can ensure that they have a social media strategy that is malleable, and can be adjusted to accommodate changes, because change will happen. Review your social media strategy on a consistent basis, make changes as warranted - be flexible.One important aspect to keep in mind is, do not rely on a single source to drive traffic to your website, or to increase brand awareness. Your strategy should take into consideration multiple options - social media should be one, not the only option. Here is how Google define quality content

What are some of the social media algorithm updates

  • One of the major changes included external links - those links that send social media users to your website for more information, or for deeper engagement with your brand
  • The algorithms are looking for brands that are using the social media networks as a bridge to somewhere else

What can be done to be proactive about inevitable change

  • Create quality content
  • Provide content that is valuable to your users
  • Be creative and engaging 

You can also get some insights about why the algorithm changes were made and the impact it has on small businesses.  

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