How to Turn More of Your LinkedIn Profile Viewers into Followers

Turning your LinkedIn profile viewers into followers is a big deal. It reminds us that setting personal and business goals is key; followed by identifying your key digital marketing tactics. Building a linkedIn profile requires a keen eye on what you want to accomplish and following the steps tot make it happen. 

LinkedIn profile viewers are good, but if you want to build a network of meaningful followers, then you have to ensure that you stay focussed on what's important, rather than what is expedient. 

What's the difference between the Connect button, versus the Follow button? It turns out that the main difference is relevance. Here are a few point to consider:

  • If you're connected, you can see each other's posts in your respective LinkedIn feeds
  • Your followers can see your posts, but you can't see their posts in your feeds. If you'd like to see their posts, you can follow them, as well
  • You can send direct messages for free only to your connections - you need to use InMail, which is available only to Premium Account subscribers, if you'd like to reach out to a LinkedIn member you're not connected with. The number of InMails you can send depends on your Premium Account type
  • You can't endorse and be endorsed by those who are not connected with you
  • You can't give or ask a recommendation to those you're not connected with

This article breaks-down a few points to consider when you are setting your goals for turning LinkedIn Profile viewers into followers: 

  • Align your primary profile CTA with your goals in using LinkedIn
  • Why "Follow" instead of "Connect"?

Here's how to make Follow your primary profile CTA:

LinkedIn Profile Viewers
LinkedIn Profile Viewers to Followers

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