How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website and Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics can Improve Your Website and Marketing Strategy 

Let's take a look at what Google Analytics can do

A few key questions to answer:

  1. Why use Google Analytics?
  2. How to find weaknesses in your website?
  3. What are visitors doing on your website? 

Google Analytics provides a very comprehensive set of tools to analyze your website's performance, determine who's visiting the site and where they are coming from geographically. It also helps to determine how people are accessing the site, and which device is more widely use to access the site.  Understanding the above questions, can help you make good strategic decisions about the website design, functionality and marketing ideas. For example, if you are getting a lot of visitors from mobile, you might want to ensure the the mobile experience on your site is optimized for the best mobile experience. If you are getting a large percentage of visitors from a specific geographical area, it can help you determine your geo-targeting strategy for advertising. Check out a few pros and cons of using Google Analytics here 

The Infographic covers in fine detail some of the following areas: 

  • The users that visit your site
  • The sites that send traffic to your site
  • The different pages inside your site
  • The actions that visitors take on your site

These and other areas are covered extensively in the Infographics regarding Google Analytics.  

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